Minimum Requirements for ShopData Systems v4.2


Windows  11 Pro 64-bit (not Home Edition): Recommended

Windows  10 Pro 64-bit (not Home Edition): Recommended

Windows   8 Pro 64-bit (not Home Edition):  Minimum = slower


 I7 processor 2.8GHz or faster, or any equivalent processor brand.


16 GB RAM: Minimum

Disk Space:

500 GB Solid State Hard Drive: Highly Recommended

250 GB Hard Drive: Minimum

Installation Instructions:

Before installing SDS, make sure that all the Windows updates are done
and it has .NET Framework 4.8 or higher. To check .NET Framework
version, click on this link and run .NET Checker:

The User login name can not be the same as the computer name. Microsoft
SQL will not run properly. Also the User login needs to have LOCAL admin
rights. It does not need Domain admin rights.

If you have any previous versions of ShopData installed on any pc, do not
uninstall it. We may need files from it to carryover into v4.2. If we need to
get files from your older SDS version from another computer, we will need
to get remote access to it using our Teamviewer Support.

If downloading CNC files to your table’s controller through a serial cable,
make sure there is a serial port on the new computer. If there is not a 9-pin
serial port, then you will need a USB to Serial cable adapter. If downloading
through the network, make sure the location is mapped. Also make sure you
have a printer installed if you plan to print Nest Summaries.

Once everything above is done, then it will be ready to install and setup
ShopData v4.2 on the new computer.