Tech-Support and Update Subscription

The comprehensive, cost effective annual service plan.

Shop Data Systems tech-support and update subscription provides our software users with the latest software released by SDS as an update within the subscription period.

Also for an additional fee; Premium subscriptions are offered with items 1-4 below, and 24/7and holiday emergency phone support. Contact us for details.

1) Unlimited phone support during SDS business hours.

         8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Central Time 972-494-2719.

  • The services of our Texas based (GMT-6), in house tech support specialist can be called upon for any technical issue regarding Shop Data’s CAD and CAM software.  New users of Shop Data’s software also can greatly benefit from this tech-support as well. Requests and suggestions from our subscription customers are given special consideration. Many of their ideas have been incorporated into the upcoming releases. We will continue this policy of listening to our customers as they provide us with invaluable support. This enables us to make a committed effort to provide quality service and products to our customers who will be supporting our development and service endeavors.


2) Worldwide Remote Online Maintenance with NetSupport

  • Within seconds a Shop Data System’s tech support specialist can establish a secure connection with your computer located anywhere in the world. With NetSupport tech support can easily control your computer remotely. Let our specialist solve your software problems, save you valuable time and money, with remote maintenance.


3) Software Updates

  • For as long as your company is current on the Tech-Support and Update Subscription, it will receive software updates (as released) that include important new features, enhancements and “future proofs” your company’s investment in the Shop Data Systems software.


4) Subscription Renewal’s

  • Renew your tech-support subscription before its scheduled expiration date – Get a 10% discount.


Our goals are to bring you the best software possible, and to provide prompt customer service and follow-up assistance.  We strive to give you the most professional support before and after the sale.


While we no longer support our DOS operating systems software, our customers who are currently using Shop Data Systems DOS operating systems software can contact Shop Data for upgrade options.

Now supporting Version 3.8