Structural Steel Plate Processing

Software System

ShopData Systems advanced structural steel plate processing algorithms will allow you to maximize your material yield and minimize programming time. Our ability to tool complex features with drills, end mills, taps, countersinks, and more! Which makes ShopData Systems most preferred structural steel plate processing software package in the industry, World wide. Our inventory module will help you improve inventory management and we can also integrate with your MRP software for seamless management of your shop floor.


The power you need with the features you want!


Server Version Available

The team at Shop Data Systems is proud to introduce our state of the art structural steel plate processing software for plasma part cutting and drilling . When you take advantage of the Peddi-Nest system  you will have access to a wide range of features designed to assist in your cutting and drilling operations. From a continuous one-way feed to automatic plate trimming, this product does so much to streamline your entire process. Below you will find a complete list of features and specifications that you can expect when you utilize the Peddi-Nest system in your industry.

Art & Design

Raster to Vector Software

Art and design using Raster to Vector software, when drawing or adding a picture file to cut on a waterjet, laser or plasma cutting table.

Art & Design Raster to Vector