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General Fabrication

Shop Data Systems CAD/CAM Advanced Nesting software, handles the general fabrication for the part cutting software, maintenance, and all other fabrication niches.

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We have over 30 years’ experience in the HVAC Fabrication software industry. Find out how our CAD/CAM nesting software packages can help you increase your productivity and efficiency.

Industrial Fittings/Blowpipe

Our comprehensive CAD/CAM advanced nesting software perfectly services fabricators & contractors in the industrial blowpipe industry.

Structural Plate Processing

Our part cutting software is unmatched when it comes to maximizing productivity on Plate Processing machines in the Structural Steel Industry. Our specialized advanced nesting engines optimize yield and minimize programming time.

HVAC Duct Templates

These are our famous HVAC fitting templates. Each template provides users with a range of rectangle and round fitting shapes and a choice of options for dimensioning the fitting.

Art & Design

When it comes to reliable scan and cut software, you can always trust the state of the art products from Shop Data Systems. Our scan and cut software gives you the capability to do so much more with your scanner than you had ever thought possible.

Welcome to Shop Data Systems!

Shop Data Systems CAD/CAM advanced nesting software products that service general fabrication, product manufacturing, HVAC, Blowpipe contractors and structural steel fabricator. When it comes to the steel fabrication industry, we know that you need advanced nesting software that works seamlessly with your existing systems. That is why we offer highly customizable products that we can tailor to your specific needs.

The team at Shop Data has been serving the metal fabrication industry Globally since 1975 and we are prepared to work with any type of client. Whether you have utilized our services currently, in the past, or you are a new client, you can expect your needs to be our top priority.

Shop Data Systems CAD/CAM advanced nesting software


  • Adam Darr, Federal SteelI have been nesting plates for the fabrication shop for about a year.  The SDS support team is amazing, they know their stuff.  I just wanted to say thanks. I’ve talked to a lot of support technicians in the fifteen years I have worked here, you guys rock!! Keep it up.
  • Mark Selvaggio, Selvaggio Steel“We made the right choice after scrapping a different vendor's software package after only “1” year of use. We soon found out why Shop Data nesting software is the best in the industry on the Peddinghaus FPB 1500. The edge start is amazing and controls both scrap and consumable costs by not piercing thru the material on every cut. The software is easy to use and intelligent. The staff at Shop Data are always on call if we have a question and when we needed to install the next version, we had them come to the plant for installation, setup and more importantly, training. Our staff were very happy with the training and the professionalism of Shop Data. I highly recommend Shop Data to any company that needs “quality plate nesting” with their plate burning equipment….."
  • Rob Dosanj, Shop Detail Foreman, Waiward Steel LP"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Shop Data Systems for your customer service. We have had some difficult jobs to work on at Waiward with the plate processors and we require a software program provider that will work with us to solve an issue. Shop Data’s support team works with the techs at Peddinghaus to find solutions.  If we think of some idea’s to make us more productive, we will ask SDS to see if a program can be made to help us be more efficient. We had an upgrade done on all our computers last year with the new Shop Data software version. We had Mark over for the whole week. He was very helpful in ensuring the software was running correctly and if there was a bug he would take care of the matter straight away. This saved us lots of money on down time. Mark was patient in training our operators on the new software and was here on some occasions late into the night to ensure the next shift had no issues. He even stopped on the way to the airport to ensure everything was running good. This was very much appreciated. We hope to build further on our relationship with Shop Data over the next coming years."

We focus on your productivity

Our latest nesting software version is designed to be simple and intuitive to maximize your programming efficiency.

Our market specific products are custom tailored to the way you do business

We have advanced nesting software specifically for your industry and we will custom tailor our post processor to maximize the throughput of your plasma cutting table, water jet table, laser cutting table, as well as structural plate processors.

Founded in 1975, we are an established Employee Owned company

Shop Data Systems, Inc. was founded by a Sheet Metal industry consultant and our current President/Chief of Development started with us shortly after. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our customer get the most out of their software and your needs are our highest priority.

Our peripheral software modules were developed to enhance our software

Whether it be advanced nesting, a comprehensive fitting library, or third-party software interfacing we can focus on what you need.

Our Core Support staff has over 60 years combined experience

Our dedicated support staff are experts in the operation of our software and knowledgeable in the sheet metal, HVAC fabrication, and Structural Steel plate fabrication industries as well as in cutting table technologies.

Broad OEM and machine support

We support and control a large number of machines and controls so you can be confident we have the right software for your plasma cuter, oxy-fuel, laser, plasma/punch, router or waterjet cutting table.

Contact us now for your free software demonstration

Whatever your market and machine combination is, we have a software package tailored to fit your needs.

Global presence, with Global experience

Our software is helping companies improve their productivity on every continent all around the globe, but Antarctica.

Shop Data's Powerful  CAD/CAM Advanced Nesting Software is
  • Innovative
  • Productive
  • Powerful
  • Unique

We build & custom tailor premium CAD/CAM Advanced Nesting Software for General Fabrication, HVAC, Industrial Blowpipe, and Structural Steel professionals around the globe.


It's time to improve your company's CAD/CAM Nesting Software!

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