General Fabrication

Whether you run one part at a time or run large jobs with multiple materials and multiple sheets of material we have the right system for you. We can also help you manage your inventory and integrate with your MRP software.


CAM Software

QuickCAM combines a powerful built-in drawing tool, flexible automatic and interactive tooling and manual nesting to give you the basic tools you need to process one or more accurate parts.

QuickCAM Pro™

CAM Nesting Software

QuickCAM Pro combines a powerful built-in drawing module and flexible and interactive tooling along with advanced shape nesting to give you all of the tools you need to process parts accurately and while minimizing material usage and processing time.


Inventory and Remnant Creation Module

Let Shop Data help you use up your entire plate inventory. With Shop Data’s InvtenoryTrak™ Module you can manage your plate inventory and deplete your inventory as they are nested upon. Purchasing can enter the inventory and monitor it for replenishing. Also, remnants can be returned to inventory and remnants can be drawn and entered into inventory. Track by location, heat number, vendor, prime code, mill certificate and even assign to a job.


MRP System Interface Module

Shop Data Systems software packages will link with your MRP software! Let your MRP Systems do what it was designed to do, manage your parts and inventory. Shop Data nesting software packages will accept part files and material inventory from your MRP, nest it according to your specifications and send the results back to your MRP software.


Advanced Nesting Module

EdgeStart™ Nesting is the most advanced nesting engine in the industry for base plates, connecting plates, and other rectangular shapes. With EdgeStart technology you can achieve single digit scrap rates, you can process an entire nested plate with no full kerf pierces, save left over material in usable strips and even eliminate skeletons. Call today for a demonstration of this advanced nesting engine developed exclusively by Shop Data Systems, Inc.

QuickCAM Bevel module

Five Axis Bevelling Module

Shop Data’s QuickCAM Bevel module is designed with an intuitive interface that is that is easy to use yet has all of the features you need in 5 axis beveling software.

Scan & Cut Software

Raster to Vector Software

There is nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction, and we strive to offer products that exceed expectations. Our scan and cut software is no exception, and we can’t wait to show you everything this product can for you.  Whether you are a full time sign maker or a part time hobbyist, Our Scan and Cut software can help you get your picture file to a part file and cut in no time.

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