When it comes to reliable scan and cut software, you can always trust the state of the art products from Shop Data Systems. Our scan and cut software gives you the capability to do so much more with your scanner than you had ever thought possible. After installing the program, you will be able to import color, gray, and black and white images. Once the importing process is complete, you can easily turn any of your images into high quality vector drawings.

There is nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction, and we strive to offer products that exceed expectations. Our scan and cut software is no exception, and we can't wait to show you everything this product can do.

Below you will find a complete list of features for our scan and cut software, as well as a list of supported formats. If you would like more information, contact from a member of the Shop Data Systems team today!

*Scanner not Included

Raster To Vector Conversion
• Convert All or Selection to Vectors
• Color and Gray Support
• Silhouette Conversion
• Sketch Conversion
• Preset and User Definable Conversion Parameters
• Long Lines and Arcs

• Silhouette any TrueType font
• Type on an Arc or Series of Arcs

NC Preparation
• S-Fill, Hatch Fill
• Bridge Tool
• Automatic Tool Path Optimization
• Manual Tool Path Sort
• Change Direction of Cut

Heads-Up Digitizing
• Snap to Raster
• Snap to Vector
• Raster Editing
• Vector to Raster Conversion
• Trace with Lines, Circles, Arcs, Text and Polygons

Raster Editing
• Vector to Raster Conversion
• Box and Polygon Erase
• Pixel Editing
• Hole Filling
• Raster Grid
• Despeckle
• Copy

Raster Files Imported/Exported
• TIFF Group 4
• TIFF Uncompressed
• TIFF Pack Bits
• CALS Group 4

Vector Files Exported
• 2D

• Raster, Vector and Hybrid Printing




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