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Quickplate Builder - CNC Cutting

QuickPlate Builder is the quickest way to build a nested plate!

QuickPlate Builder’s simple one screen processing has all the features you need to design, draw, and nest your parts for CNC cutting. Build plates rather than entire jobs—for an economical price for your budget.

DXF import & CAD drawing

Use ShopData for Windows' visual drawing tools to design the simplest or most complex of parts. Or import DXF files individually or in batches – they're automatically tooled, ready to nest and cut as parts! With Windows' incredible technology you can easily drag & drop, copy, move, and rotate parts, or move lead-ins and lead-outs anywhere along the tool path or on the nested sheet. Work with multiple drawings simultaneously. Utilize dynamic zoom capability for ultimate precision in your drawings. Then automatically tool parts for multiple tools using SDS' innovative "layers" technology.

Advanced Shape Nest

QuickPlate Builders’ Advanced Shape Nest automatically lays parts side by side and rotates them to match interlocking angles and contours. Part "pairing" maximizes material usage through piece placement. Advanced Shape Nest automatically nests parts inside internal cutouts for the highest nesting precision. Other nesting features include chain cutting, move & bump manual nesting (with mouse-controlled part rotation), feature avoidance, and part tabs.

Powerful machine tool configuration

ShopData's Tool Edit module manages all of your tools and post processors. Many process parameters like kerf, lead-in/lead-out, feedrate, etc. can be controlled, automated, and integrated directly with the CNC file — while still allowing "on-the-fly" attribute changes when desired.

WinLink communication

ShopData for Windows allows continuous access to your library of parts and nested sheets. Download and upload from/to your PC.

Optional - FItting Library

Blowpipe fitting library is available.

On-line help

Visual on-line help for all features, plus help "movies" which actually step you through specific system functions.

Personalized training & support

ShopData backs its software with 120+ collective years of metal fabricating experience and 35+ years in business. No cutting software company has more expertise! We offer hands-on, customized training at your site or ours. Take advantage of our 24/7 phone support through the annual ShopSource Support and Upgrade program.

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