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Nesting Software & Products

Industrial Nesting Software

At Shop Data Systems, we offer a wide range of industrial nesting software and products. These products are designed for general and metal fabrication industries, and we have a variety of options to choose from. Regardless of the type of software you need, you can expect excellent service and a prompt response when you work with us.

We strive to deliver the services you need to make your job easier, and our software programs are highly customizable in order to adjust to your specific needs.


You can use Shop Data Parts to import from external drawing systems. Our parts assist with drawing, tooling, manual nesting with move, bump and rotation, NC programming and download/upload communication.

QuickCAM Pro

Shop Data Systems Parts II Plus program includes all of the features in Parts, "plus" an efficient series of nesting programs within parts, common line cutting, chain cutting, multiple torches, and shop standards for material and tool management.

QuickDuct CAM Bench


QuickDuct Bench gives you our Basic fitting library . Bench gives you everything you need to design, input, and DXF out your own fitting jobs.

QuickDuct CAM Bench+

QuickDuct Bench+ gives you the industries most used fittings. You get everything you need to dimension fittings for you job, nest them, and output the nest to your plasma or laser table.


QuickDuct CAM Master

Shop Data Systems QuickDuct CAM Maser has features unique to the HVAC industry's duct manufacturing and blowpipe contractors. To make things easier, you can even download ShopData QuickDuct CAM Master from QuickDuct CAD 3D systems and estimating systems. With the addition of the bar coding option, you can expect to receive fast, accurate shipping documentation each time.

QuickDuct CAD

QuickDuct CAD is one of our latest software programs. QuickDuct CAD works fully within AutoCAD and is compatible with AutoCAD 2006 through AutoCAD's current release. The concept behind QuickDuct CAD is simple: You can use the proven fittings that are in the ShopData QuickDuct CAM program to create shop drawings for sheet metal fabrication. Afterwards you can edit fittings and dynamically change the drawing. If it can't be built, it won't be drawn.

If you would like to learn more about any of our products, browse our site for additional details or give us a call today to speak with a member of the Shop Data Systems team!