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Plasma Cutting and Drilling Software



The team at Shop Data Systems is proud to introduce our state of the art plasma cutting and drilling software. When you take advantage of the Peddi-Nest system, you will have access to a wide range of features designed to assist in your cutting and drilling operations. From a continuous one way feed to automatic plate trimming, this product does so much to streamline your entire process. Below you will find a complete list of features and specifications that you can expect when you utilize the Peddi-Nest system in your industry

Continuous One Way Feed

Peddi-Nest intelligently generates punching drilling order and NC code to keep the plate moving in a constant forward motion. Utilizing the FPB's unique tool arrangement, SDS generated NC programs continue to "punchahead" until the plate moves under the plasma torch. The program then cuts the parts and logically trims the plate before further punching is resumed. This process is possible through SDS' "Shear Zone" feature. No moving the plate forward, punching, then moving backward, punching, and so on. One way feed also assures greater accuracy in hole placement, since the plate is not shifted back and forth during punching

Shear Zone


Incorporated into SDS' automatic nesting function is the shear zone feature. Based on a preset minimum distance, the nesting program automatically nests parts into shear zones (typically the "drop down" distance to the out feed roller). The Shear Zone distance is user definable

Automatic Plate Trim


After all punches drills are made and parts are plasma cut, Peddi-Nest automatically shears at the pre assigned distance intervals (i.e. 20", 24", 48", etc.) to make the plate more manageable as it comes off the machine.

Advanced Shape/Trim Nest

Automatically lays parts side by side and rotates them to match interlocking angles and contours. Provides nesting
efficiency settings and 0, 45, or 90 degree automatic part rotation increments. Places shear lines on each plate
based on pre assigned Shear Zone distance. Peddi-Nest also provides rectangular and manual nesting features.

Nest List Feature


You can enter varying plate sizes and quantities of a certain material to be automatically nested on, ahead of stock

Allows you to you set the parameters (such as tool, tool color(s) for the drawing, feedrate, kerf, and more) for your Peddi-Nest post processor, plus any other post processors in your SDS system. Each attribute can be adjusted for individual material types.

Automatic Part Tooling Within CAD Drawing

Imports DSTV and DXF files then quickly and automatically tools holes, then the part perimeter, according to your
preset tooling parameters

NC Code Editor and Cut Line Viewing

SDS' Download Que lets you to edit the NC code, as well as view the nested plate with cut lines all before your
download to the controller.

Peddi-Nest Package Options

When you purchase the Peddi-Nest package, you will also have the option of including EdgeStart™ Nesting and InventoryTRAK™. The Peddi-Nest package includes the following:

• SDS/Peddi‐Nest post processor module
• CAD part design with automatic part tooling, DXF import/export
• 64 pre‐programmed common shapes
• Tool Edit database (for Windows)
• Tooling and costing reports
• Advanced Shape/Trim nesting
• Download QUE for managing NC files
• CNC cutting
• SDS personalized training (4 days on‐site)

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