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Automatic Pattern Development, Integrated Drawing Program, Nesting and CNC Interface

Kitchen Works streamlines pattern creation by letting you select industry standard shapes and define the required front edge and back splash. Your custom notches are stored in the system and can be easily retrieved and altered, giving you ultimate flexibility in producing custom work surfaces. Coupled with the CNC cutting process, this system dramatically increases productivity by reducing layout and cutting times!

Comprehensive library provides ultimate flexibility

The Kitchen library includes tables, tubs, sink sections, drainboards and more. Select a pattern, select the front edge and the back splash type. Change the surface width and depth and your custom shape is ready for nesting and CNC processing.

DXF import & CAD drawing

Use ShopData for Windows' visual drawing tools to design the simplest or most complex parts. DXF files can be imported individually or in batches and automatically tooled, ready to nest and cut as parts!

With ShopData for Windows' incredible technology you can easily drag & drop, copy, move, and rotate parts, or move lead-ins and lead-outs anywhere along the tool path or on the nested sheet. You can work with multiple drawings simultaneously and utilize dynamic zoom capability for ultimate precision in your drawings. Automatically tool parts for multiple tools using SDS' innovative "layers" technology.

Part macro development

If you frequently cut similar parts with varying dimensions, ShopData's Macro Programming Utilities allows you to build your own dimensionable shape library! Now you don't have to redraw every variation of a given part type. This feature works great for multiple component assemblies such as containers, enclosures, curbs, even your own HVAC fitting design!

Shape library

Over 66 commonly used shapes — such as lifting lugs, belt guards, flanges, gussets — even fan housings and augers, are pre-programmed and ready for use.

Advanced Shape Nest

HVAC Fittings' shape nest automatically lays parts side by side and rotates them to match interlocking angles and contours. Part "pairing" maximizes material usage through piece placement. HVAC Fittings nests parts inside internal cutouts for the highest nesting precision. Other nesting features include chain cutting, move & bump manual nesting with mouse-controlled part rotation.

Incredible user-definable shop standards

ShopData' allows you to customize your HVAC software. Use standard industry pressure classes, or define your own pressure classes and construction tables. Define seams, connectors, vanes, materials and more. Enter your actual costs for accurate job costing!

Programmable post processor

ShopData provides and supports programmable post processors for most CNC applications (coil line, water-jet, laser, punch/plasma combination, and more).

WinLink communication

ShopData for Windows allows continuous access to your library of parts and nested sheets. Download and upload from/to your PC.

Ultimate customization for labels & reports

Through the dynamic interactive capabilities of Microsoft Windows® , you can design your own ShopData reports & labels! By interfacing Microsoft Access® and Seagate Crystal Reports™ with ShopData for Windows, you have the tools you need to extract critical data for estimating, production, shipping, inventory management, purchasing and more.

On-line help

There is visual on-line help for all features, plus help "movies" which actually step you through specific system functions.

Personalized training & support

ShopData backs its software with 120+ collective years of metal fabricating experience and 35+ years in business. No cutting software company has more expertise! We offer hands-on, customized training at your site or ours. Take advantage of our 24/7 phone support through the annual ShopSource Support and Upgrade program.