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Fitting Layout Software

ShopData Systems offers advanced fitting layout software that can easily give you the fittings you need without the hassle. You can design and input your own fitting jobs, and the software allows you to select any fittings you want, alter them, and even see a 3D preview of the finished result. After viewing your fittings in the program, you can change them with our powerful "Workbench" drawing tool. You can place holes, chop pieces, scale or stretch them, and even merge two patterns together.

The Fitting Layout’s library includes 273 basic and complex fitting shapes, including cones, offsets, elbows, wyes, branch fittings and square to rounds. Capabilities such as mitering, reducing, concentric/ eccentric dimensioning are available, as well as selectable seam placement, selectable hole sizing, and inside/ outside diameter material

Optional Advanced Shape Nest

Fitting Layout shape nest automatically lays parts side by side and rotates them to match interlocking angles and contours. Part "pairing" maximizes material usage through piece placement. Industrial Fittings nests parts inside internal cutouts for the highest nesting precision. Other nesting features include chain‐cutting, move & bump manual nesting with mouse‐controlled part rotation, feature avoidance, and part tabs.

Online Training Videos

When it comes to our fitting software, and all of our other products, we make sure that our customers know how to get the best results. We offer a wide range of online training videos that can show you how to use all aspects of our fitting software. Additionally, we’re available around the clock for technical support to subscribers of our support and upgrade program. Once you subscribe, you will instantly gain access to a tech assistant any time you need to troubleshoot an issue.

For more information about what our fitting and CNC nesting software can do for you, contact us today!

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