Basic CAM Software

Computer Aided Machine Software

When it comes to basic computer aided machine software (CAM), you can always expect  reliable products from the team at Shop Data Systems . We offer a large selection of high quality software programs designed to assist your fabrication business. Our basic parts include a long list of useful features that are ideal for a range of industries. Shop Data Systems Parts combines a powerful built in drawing and importing feature, flexible automatic and interactive tooling, and interactive nesting to give you the basic tools you need to process accurate parts.

DXF/DWG import & CAD drawing

Use Shop Data Systems visual drawing tools to design the simplest or most complex parts. You can even import DXF & DWG files individually or in batches they're automatically tooled and ready to nest. With SDS incredible technology you can easily drag & drop, copy, move, and rotate parts. This program even allows you to move lead ins and lead outs anywhere along the tool path or on the nested sheet.

To make your job even easier, you can work with multiple drawings simultaneously. By utilizing the dynamic zoom capability, you can enhance your precision further and produce even better drawings. Then you can automatically tool parts for multiple tools using SDS' innovative "layers" technology. 

Interactive Nesting

Our Basic Works interactive nesting allows chain cutting, move & bump interactive nesting with mouse controlled part rotation, and so much more. We dedicate ourselves to creating an easy to use interface that will allow for the interactive nesting that you expect.

Dynamic Array

Shop Data's exclusive "Dynamic Array" makes filling a sheet with parts, with a definable scrap border, a simple and easy process. This feature also allows you to utilize common line and chain cutting.

Powerful Tool Configurations

Shop Data's Tool Edit module manages all of your tools (plasma, oxyfuel, drills, taps, etc.) and post processors. Many process parameters like kerf, lead in/lead out, feedrate, etc. can be controlled, automated, and integrated directly with the CNC file while still allowing for "on the fly" attribute changes.

Programmable Post Processor

Shop Data Systems provides and supports programmable post processors for most CNC applications including waterjet, laser, punch/plasma combination, and so much more.

WinLink Communication

Shop Data System software allows continuous access to your library of parts and nested sheets. Download and upload from/to your PC in order to access your files on the go, any time you need them.

Online help

At Shop Data Systems, we want to make sure you have the tools and knowledge you need for success. That is why we are proud to offer visual on line help for all features, in addition to training videos that actually take youthrough each step of system functions.

Personalized training & support

You can take advantage of our 24/7 phone support, through the annual Tech Support and Upgrade program. Shop Data Systems backs its software with 39 years of metal fabricating experience and  over three decades in business. No cutting software company has more expertise! We offer hands on, customized training at your site or ours.

Contact us today if you have any questions!

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